1763 COVID-19 Update  (March & April Schedule)

During this time of uncertainty, we at 1763 want you to know we are keeping abreast of the COVID-19 crises, and we remain committed to maintaining a safe space for our members to enjoy once this has passed.

However, due to the increase in transmission of the virus, we have decided to stay closed until April 17th. If we feel the situation has continued to worsen, we will update you as to any new changes.

We have been receiving many inquiries about how our members can help. There are things you can do to keep 1763 viable through this extraordinarily difficult time. We ask that you only do what you can and not overburden yourselves. Our members' health and quality of life are most important to us.

Things you can do:


  • "Shelter In Place" in 1763. Rent a suite for an evening or two; please keep your party to less than 4 per suite.


  • Reserve a suite for the future with a $50 deposit or pay in full if possible.


  • Purchase a VIP membership.  This by far is the greatest value for us and our members, and we will not start your VIP membership until 1763 reopens. Visit https://www.1763.net/memberships to see everything included.


  • Hold a private party for you and your closest friends. We have special pricing for a 4-hour Dungeon rental, use special code GOTTOPLAY to get the special rate of $75.00 per hour. Due to the Tucker curfew, your party must conclude by 9 PM, EST.


  • Prepay for a private party in the future. If you book by April 15, receive a 20% discount off the regular rate of $150 per hour.

If the above is something you can do, please email 1763reservations@gmail.com or 1763club@gmail.com

As stated earlier, our member’s health and safety come first. 1763 is built on the WE principle - WE are all in this together, so be kind to one another (unless otherwise negotiated), be safe and stay healthy. WE will all get through this together.

With love,


fotodawg and Ms P

Founded in 2003,

1763 "A Deviant Place of Decadence",

the largest Atlanta dungeon,

serves the Atlanta, Southeastern,

National and International

Fetish and BDSM Community,

offering a wide variety of events throughout each month,

in the largest play space

in the Atlanta area.

“As you all know 1763 has a long and amazing history of serving the Lifestyle community in a wide variety of ways. We obviously want to continue that legacy and improve it.”

fotodawg and Ms P, owners of 1763.


A Special Announcement from 1763

We are aware of the concerns surrounding the Coronavirus and how it may impact services and events at 1763. 1763 is taking this seriously in order to minimize the spread of the virus by following recommendations of the CDC and other governmental agencies.  This would include the following:

  • We use Oxivir (a hospital grade cleaner) to wipe down all surfaces that come into contact with our members, and will do so on regularly scheduled times before, during and after events.


  • We are providing additional cleaners in the play space so that our members can access these before or after a scene, such as Clorox wipes and Clorox spray.


  • We will have additional soap in the restrooms and promote the 20 second rule for washing your hands.


  • We will have additional hand sanitizer stations throughout 1763 and promote the usage of these by our Members.


  • We have suspended open food service in the dining room until further notice. All snacks will be provided in individually factory wrapped portions. We ask that those who enjoy bringing snacks to share adhere to this policy.


  • We ask that if you are not feeling well or suspect you may have symptoms, to please stay home and get checked out by a health care professional. The CDC suggests if you are not feeling well, or symptomatic, to self-quarantine until you are checked by a healthcare professional.

Again, 1763 is taking this very seriously and want all our members to know we will continue to provide updates as things change.  We want everyone to feel safe and confident that 1763 is doing everything in its power to keep our members healthy.  


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