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                                                        The End to an Era

Over the past 19 years, 1763, the largest and longest running dungeon in the Southeast has hosted hundreds of events, we welcomed thousands of members and it has been the location to multiple music videos and productions. It has been a safe place where all who came through the doors had a place to be themselves, play as they wished and was a gathering place where like minded people could be together and celebrate who they are.

It is with great sadness that Ms P and I must deliver this message to the community.

The current owners of the home of 1763 have sold the building. The new owners will be refurbishing the premises to suit their business interests. Consequently, the building will not be available to house 1763 or any other dungeon or play space. The last event will be held on October 1, 2022. 1763 will close after that.

As you all can imagine there are a multitude of emotions happening for us. We are both sad to see 1763 having to close, and grateful that we have had the opportunity to serve and create space for the community...

Thank you for 19 years of memories.

Fotodawg and Ms P


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