Dress Code

For evening events, fetish, formal, leather, latex, vinyl, or business casual is acceptable dress.  No sweatshirts or sweat pants are acceptable unless fetish oriented. Black and white, with leather shoes or boots, always works well in a dungeon setting. Dress as if you are going out for a special evening!


No strong perfume or cologne, please.


The management reserves the right to deny admission to anyone deemed improperly dressed

Complimentary lockers are available for those who wish to change on-premises or secure any valuables. Please bring your own lock, or locks are available at the front counter with a $5 refundable deposit.


Why Do We Have A Dress Code?


Because it adds to the ambiance of the Dungeon!


We are here because we desire an intense life experience.  Dressing the part will help you to get the full effect of that experience.


Black is construed as dark, dangerous, mysterious....BOLD!


Red is construed as daring, alluring....SEXY! Dressy or business casual is construed as serious, assertive....CONFIDENT!


Role playing attire is also very common, from sexy school girl, to flamboyant female and male clothing, exotic costumes and uniforms, puppy, kitty, etc, the list is limited only by your own imagination! Dress to get in the mood and display your Lifestyle choice.


A Dungeon during playtime is meant to have low lighting and low, dramatic percussive music to enhance the enticing feeling of the dramatic, dangerous, exotic and sexual stimulation of what we do.


A lot of our play is all about creating the illusion of danger and bringing our fantasies closer to reality. Being bound, limiting our external senses by blindfolds and sometimes earplugs and gags, placing ourselves or our partners in situations that brings our emotions and physical senses to the extremes! Creating raw emotions and soft-to-severe physical stimulation between the Top/Dom and the bottom/ submissive; the dark furniture, low beat of the music and our clothing adds to that.


You do not need to go out and buy expensive Leather or that expensive dinner dress to fit in. Many things in your closet can be put together to make appropriate Dungeon attire. We all look forward to seeing your imagination at work!


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