Rules of 1763

  • 1763 is a private membership club for those 19 years of age and older. A current membership is required to attend most events. Some events may have additional restrictions.

  • Dungeon Monitors (DMs) are identified with a bright red badge or red armband. If you have concerns or questions about equipment or a scene, please see a DM or a member of the 1763 staff. DMs are authorized to stop a scene if they deem it unsafe or non-consensual. They may also ask any member who is egregiously violating any 1763 rule to leave a particular area or the 1763 premises.

  • No cellphones, cameras, or audio-recording devices of any type are permitted in the dungeon areas or in most other areas. If you need to use a cellphone, please do so in the front lobby or on the patio. No pictures are allowed anywhere on the premises.


  • No consumable alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted anywhere on the premises. If a DM or 1763 staff member suspects you are intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.


  • No firearms or stun guns.


  • Smoking and vaping are not permitted inside the building; please use the outdoor patio and garden areas for these activities. 


  • Only water is allowed in the dungeon areas. Please keep food and soft drinks in the dining room. You may also make a plate and walk through the main dungeon to take your food to the front lobby or patio.


  • Please be aware that other people may be waiting to use equipment. Limit your scene when others are waiting, and do aftercare in the Aftercare Room or another location when finished playing.


  • Clean up after yourself. After using a piece of equipment, clean it using the provided disinfecting products and a paper towel.


  • Each member attending an event at 1763 should bring a personal towel to sit on if the member will sit nude on furniture or equipment.


  • Give scenes adequate space. If you get hit with someone’s backswing, you were too close to the scene.


  • Please be mindful of longer toys (such as whips and dragon tails) because other members, not in the scene, may be standing behind you.  It is best to use these toys in the side dungeons. 


  • Be respectful of other people: Do not touch other people. Do not touch other people’s belongings. Do not touch other people’s people without permission. Do not attempt to join a scene without being invited.


  • Keep all non-scene-related conversations and noise to a minimum in the dungeon areas. Please take your conversations to the dining room, front lobby, or patio. 

  • On the Web Prism, no body parts are permitted above the top beams. No climbing above the bottom rung or while wearing heels.

  • The electric chair is available for use. If you do not have a violet wand, you may use 1763’s in exchange for your driver’s license. All questions concerning use of the electric chair may be directed to the DMs.

  • No forms of breath play (including neck rope), wrestling, or scat are permitted. No kicking or stomping of the testicles is allowed.

  • Blood play should be done in the shower, medical room, or on the big table up front with a drop cloth.

  • No one is allowed to leave a play station if bleeding until after minimal first aid is administered.

  • No sexual contact in the littles’ room, dining area, aftercare room, or outside the dungeon doors.

  • No sex, masturbation, or play of any kind is allowed in the public restrooms or Front Lobby.

  • “Red” is the universal safeword in this dungeon.

  • If you want to use a gag while your bottom is restrained, notify a DM of your agreed-upon safeword alternative before the scene begins.

  • Offering, soliciting, or agreeing to an act of prostitution is strictly forbidden.

DM policies are guided by the principles of RACK (“Risk-Aware Consensual Kink”). If your play is likely to involve serious potential risk, please discuss your plans with an on-duty DM before beginning your scene. Scenes involving serious potential risk that have not been cleared beforehand may be stopped.


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