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Dungeon Rentals for Private Parties, Photo

and Video shoots


1763offers space rentals for private events and parties, private dungeon time and private rentals for photography and video shoots. 1763 is quickly building a reputation among producers, directors and musicians as the place to film music videos from up and coming artists.

Here is the latest,
"Bag Talk" by Atlanta local Shya L'amour, filmed  October, 2019.

Here is Mulatto "See Sum (Official Video)".  Note the overhead boom camera shots; taking advantage of the high ceilings in the Lobby and Dungeon.

Shanna Kress filmed a music video in June, 2019  HITTIN "Official Version"

Here is an slightly different version of the same video "HITTIN"


The TV cable channel Bravo spent a day filming a music video for one of the episodes of "The Kandi Factory”: Sweet Tooth’s "Gotta Go" Music Video

The rock group The Atom Blonde, from Augusta GA, spent an afternoon filming a large portion of their first official music video: "Calling You Out"


1763 also provided much of the equipment for the dungeon scene in the third season, episode 2 (”From Here to Eternity”) of the Lifetime television series Devious Maids!



For additional Rental information, please contact 1763 Reservations.


Dungeon Suite Rentals ...

Making your Dreams come True

Our exclusive Dungeon Suite rentals are for those guests wanting to expand their play time by staying over with us at 1763 (after hours).

See our Suite Rentals page

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