1763 Recurring Events

These have been some of the weekly 1763 Events in the past.  As we navigate the current Covid-19, please be sure to see the Upcoming Events page for current changes or substitutions to the following weekly events:


  • "THE 1763 MUNCH" is on the first Saturday of each month, preceding The 1763 Educational Forum.  Meet the 1763 staff and regular attendees in a low key, friendly, educational and no pressure environment. Free admission! Read more about the 1763 Munch.


  • "1763 EDUCATIONAL FORUM" occurs on the first Saturday of each month. This night features either a discussion pertaining to the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle or a demo on an interesting subject.  Immediately following the 1763 Munch, the discussion or demo begins about 9 pm, with dungeon play beginning about 9:45 pm.

  • ROPE BITE @NITE is on the second Saturday of each month, featuring presenters from the local Atlanta chapter of Rope Bite, as well as other guest presenters from time to time. Rope Bite @Nite is designed for hands-on practice and experience, offering something for everyone who has an interest in rope, from brand new to established. Starting about 8:15 pm, Rope Bite @Nite is followed by the Decadence Play Party from about 9:15 pm until 2 am.


  • "DECADENCE" is the play party on the second Saturday of each month after Rope Bite @Nite. There usually is not a special theme on these nights.  


  • "WHIPPERSNAPPERS", on the third Saturday of each month, is the Atlanta area TNG (The Next Generation) group for those under 40 years of age.  Entry is restricted to those under 40 years of age most nights, unless coming as a paying guest of a Whippersnapper member.  An interesting demo or presentation is usually held each month.


  • "THE EDGE (of Night)" is an evening at 1763, usually on the 4th or 5th Saturday of the month, that features a demo of an “edgier” nature.  This is followed by the regular play party until 2 am.


  • "ATLANTA DOMINION" occurs 4 times a year, beginning in 2020. Enjoy the great dungeon atmosphere with this men-only party on a Sunday afternoon. Read more about Atlanta Dominion, and how to register for the events, in this great blog post from "Tallglassofoj".


  • "ATLANTA MALE SPANKING GROUP" is a low key and relaxed Saturday afternoon men-only event for those interested in spanking, paddling, and more.  The group meets on the second Saturday of each month.


  • STBC (“Saggy Tits and Balls Club”) is a social group for those aged 40 and over, based in Atlanta. We are a group of like minded individuals who realize that life, while not totally fair is pretty darn good! We typically meet on Sunday afternoons which allows more folks to come from a bit further away. Members may "guest" in one paying person under 40.

  • INSTINCT is an Atlanta area primal group, whose main goal is to create events that are inclusive, welcoming and comfortable for anyone interested in primal play.  INSTINCT schedules events at 1763 at various times.

And these major events throughout the year:

  • "1763 EDUCATION STATIONS" It happens only once every 6 months.  The 1763 Education Stations occurs on the first Saturday of February and August. Featuring a multitude of knowledgeable presenters, this is the perfect night to see, learn about, and experience a wide range of activities. The 1763 Education Stations is an event that allows you to come in for the evening and experience a variety of "hands on" activities. About a dozen presenters are stationed throughout the dungeon areas, offering instruction on safety, technique, tidbits of interest and the ability to ask questions. There are no lectures or classes per se, as you have the freedom to either watch, ask questions or experience a bit of the activity yourself, and then move from station to station at your own pace. Read the 1763 Education Stations happening on August 1, 2020.

  • "WicKed WonderLand" This is 1763's annual Fall vendor fair, featuring a multitude of vendors, silent auctions, the evening play party, and so much more. Read about what you may have missed at WicKed WonderLand XII on November 9, 2019..


  • "Spring Fling" is 1763's annual Spring vendor fair, featuring a multitude of vendors, silent auctions, the evening play party, and so much more.  Spring Fling will not be held in 2020, but will return in 2021.


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