WicKed WonderLand, November 2018

Ms P and I want to thank everyone who came out to support WicKed WonderLand yesterday (Nov 10, 2018). It was amazing to see all the wonderful vendors, staff and patrons enjoying the space at 1763. The staff was incredible and I have no words to say but I am blessed to be working with a crew, including all the volunteers who put their heart in all they did.

The vendors were knowledgeable, experienced and had a variety of items to purchase. It was great to watch how they interacted with their customers. It was awesome to talk and interact with all that showed up, and being told what a great event it was.

As for the evening, the turnover back to the dungeon in preparation for the play party went flawlessly; the vendors exited as the staff and volunteers helped reset the dungeon. It was a well oiled machine and we were able to reset in record time, leaving a bit of time to allow the staff and volunteers to catch their breath and get something to eat.

The party was amazing, with many folks returning from the day and even more showing up for the night. The scenes I saw were quite the sight and the smiles and reactions on people's faces were quite pleasing. It renewed my excitement of what a wonderful community we have here and we look forward to having more fun events at 1763.

fotodawg and Ms P

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