Personal Information


As it currently stands, your personal information is:

1. Recorded on the original membership form (hard copy)

2. On the master spreadsheet that is used to check your membership status when you show up without your card.


The hard copies are locked in a filing cabinet behind a lock door in an office at 1763.  The spreadsheet is on a laptop and backed up on a thumb drive.  Both copies are password protected with only 2 people having the password. 


Why is 1763 keeping my hard copy membership form if the information is on the database?


1763 keeps these because of your signature is on the back of the rules and consent form.  Your signature protects the club from any liability claim if a member chooses legal action against the 1763.  



Moving forward

All hard copy membership forms will be scanned to a master pdf.  This pdf will be password encrypted and saved on a secured bit locked drive for archive purposes.  Once this is complete the originals will be shredded and destroyed.  

The plan moving forward is the same for the time being.  We will store all hard copy documents in a secured filing cabinet behind a locked door.  We will scan new membership forms and save to an encrypted secure drive that will also be locked in a filing cabinet and then destroy original hard copy.  In time, we hope to have both membership and consent forms online in a secure SOC II TYPE II environment that will only be accessed by management and front desk approved staff.

1763 is concerned about your privacy and wants to assure each member that their information is safe with us.  If you feel uncomfortable and would like your personal information destroyed, please let us know and we will do so.  Keep in mind once your information is destroyed we will have no means to verify your membership status and we cannot honor any membership or loyalty cards you may have. 

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