Frequently asked Questions

Q: What if I see someone breaking the rules or not following the Mission Statement of 1763?

If these values are put into question by any one individual or group while at 1763, we would like it brought to our attention so it can discuss it in a healthy, non-confrontational manner. We the management can only control what goes on within 1763's brick walls.

Q: What steps are you going to take to ensure my individual autonomous rights are protected and my diversity affirmed when I visit 1763?

Come and see, come and volunteer, come and participate. We need all who want to see this mission statement happen to be a part of making it happen.

Q: What if I have an idea for 1763?

That’s great! We want to hear from you. Please send us a message through the Contact Page. Or, volunteer at 1763! 

Q: I don’t have anyone to come with me to 1763, now what?

It's not uncommon for both men and women to come alone.  Our experienced staff is here to make your visit enjoyable and will provide a tour of the facility and introduce you to other like minded individuals.  You'll start feeling at "home" in no time!


Q: Will I find someone with whom to play?

At each 1763 event, you will find singles, couples and perhaps a group of friends in attendance.  The best way to find a compatible partner (or group) is no different than in the "vanilla" world.  Be friendly, be courteous, introduce yourself to others in the social areas of the building, and strike up a conversation.  As an ice breaker, you may want to first watch others playing in the dungeon areas, and when they have finished, politely walk up, introduce yourself, compliment them that you enjoyed watching, and take it from there!

Will you find someone the first time you attend?  Perhaps, perhaps not, as it all depends on who is in attendance that particular night. The 1763 Staff and Dungeon Monitors can often help out with introductions to people who may share some of your interests.

Q: I live out of town and will only be here one night.  Why do I need to buy a membership?

1763 is a private membership club and as such, with only a few exceptions throughout the year, requires each guest to have a membership.  This holds true whether you live locally or out of state and attend only once or multiple times.


Q: Is 1763 handicap friendly?

Very much so.  We have designated handicap parking, a short ramp leading up to the front sidewalk, a wide front door, as well as a handicap compliant stall in each restroom.  All rooms are on the same level (no steps) with sturdy metal chairs throughout the building.  We have comfortably accommodated numerous wheelchair bound guests, as well as those with various mobility issues, throughout the years.


Q: Can I stop by anytime during the week to tour the dungeon or perhaps buy a membership?

No.  Hours of operation, as well as numerous photos, videos and descriptions of the facility, are posted elsewhere on this site.  Exceptions, with prior arrangements, can be made for those looking to book a large event.   

Q: Is this a BYOB or can I get served?

No and No.  1763 does not allow alcohol or illegal drugs on premises at any time. Bottled water and assorted canned soft drinks are available at a nominal fee. There is also a water fountain in the Dining Room.

Every activity at 1763 is 100% consensual.  Alcohol can inhibit clear judgement and impair the senses; at 1763 we focus on creating a "natural endorphin high".  If you are a Top or Dom, your sense of judgement may be impaired when wielding an implement while under the influence of alcohol.  If you are a bottom or submissive, your sense of pain can be greatly diminished.  You don't want to wake up the next morning asking "What did I get myself into last night?"   


Q: Is there any particular night that is better suited for me to attend my first time?
The 1763 Munch, on the first Saturday of each month, is a perfect way to come out, see the dungeon, meet the 1763 Staff, as well as other attendees, in a no-pressure environment.  The 1763 Munch is FREE for those 19 years of age and older.  

The 1763 Educational Forum (the first Saturday of each month) is also geared toward folks new to 1763 and public play in particular.  However, we have new folks attend each night throughout the month (see the Calendar page) and all are welcome!  Hint: If you can arrive as close to opening time as possible, the 1763 Dungeon Monitors will have more time to show you around. If not, arrive as your schedule permits and we will definitely make time to show you all that 1763 has to offer.

Q: I have some personal issues with my self image.  Will I be comfortable at 1763?

As in day-to-day life, you will see people of all heights, weights and overall body types.  The 1763 staff, as well as the majority of our regular guests, is very nonjudgmental.  We go out of our way to help all our guests feel comfortable. 


Q: How should I dress?  Is it OK to be naked?

Take a look at the Dress Code page and you will find that it is quite liberal with what you can wear; no need to purchase any type of "fetish" clothing before you attend.  Throughout the night, you may find some people in various states of undress, and you can even go outside naked on the enclosed patio…if you so wish!


Q: I'm new and just want to watch, is that OK?

Yes, it’s fine to just watch but chances are you'll feel so comfortable at 1763, you may find yourself playing after all.

Q: What types of things may I see during my visit to 1763?

Of course, it does depend upon who is in attendance and there are no guarantees, but you will most likely see some spankings, perhaps a rope suspension or two, hot wax play, fire play, bondage of all degrees, and much more. 

Q: What is the 1763 policy on taking photos or videos?

1763 values the privacy of all, whether you are the subject of the photos and videos or a bystander.  As such, photos, videos and audio recordings are generally not permitted at any public event.  There may be a few instances throughout the year where, with advance notice to all, photos or videos may be allowed for a short period of time, in designated areas.  These times generally occur during costume themed nights such as Halloween and Mardi Gras. 


Discretion is highly valued at 1763, and if you desire to take photos or videos, whether for personal or commercial use, a private rental may be arranged.  Please contact Jamie (1763 General Manager) for details.

Q: Will I be forced to do anything with which I am uncomfortable?

Never!  Everything at 1763 is 100% consensual.  You may watch, meet others, socialize, ask questions, etc.  If you and/or your partner meet someone and decide to play, make sure that adequate negotiation is done beforehand (experience levels, medical issues, psychological limits).  You may want to discreetly ask a DM (Dungeon Monitor) for references or to perhaps keep an extra eye on your scene.  The DMs are there both for your safety and to help make the night as enjoyable as possible for you.  You can stop your scene at anytime by using the house safe word "Red".    


Q: I don't know any dungeon protocols.  How should I act?

Good manners and respect for others are the best protocols!  Take a look at the Rules page for some other things to keep in mind.

Q: Is 1763 accepting of gay and lesbian lifestyles?  What about cross dressers? 

We are accepting of all lifestyles and orientations.  There are many events throughout the year that are male-only or female-only oriented in nature.  1763 has a very femme decor room in which cross dressers will feel at ease and a large dungeon with a very accepting crowd! 


Q: I don't have any BDSM "toys".  Do you loan these out?

1763 provides large and (in many instances) unique pieces of equipment for your use.  We do not loan out more "personal" items such as cuffs, paddles, canes, restraints, gags, etc. so please bring your own. Our on-premises store "Scream" carries a wide selection of quality toys in all price ranges.


Q: What types of equipment does 1763 provide?

Numerous spanking benches, five St. Andrew's Crosses, large bondage table, a unique "half wheel", a chain web prism, stocks, suspension cube with dual motors, medical table, electric chair and much more.  Take a look at the Photos section! 

Q: I may work up the courage to "play" one night.  Is there a secluded spot that I can go where no one is watching?

Well, after about a minute into a scene you really won't notice anyone watching you!  The side dungeons do offer a semi private location if you are a bit shy.  The side dungeon doors must remain open, however, so that the 1763 Dungeon Monitors can look out for your safety and proper use of equipment.


Q: Because of my profession, I really don't want to be seen with my partner in a dungeon with a large crowd.  What can be done?

1763 offers private rentals any day of the week, with a staff member or two on premises for your safety and assistance.  Take a look at the Rental page for more information.


Q: I just met someone online.  Why should I come out to a public dungeon instead of just playing at home or in a hotel room? 

Throughout the year, 1763 offers many instructional demos on various forms of play for those of all experience levels.  These demos emphasis proper use of equipment, proper techniques and safety. Most likely you will meet others that share your particular interests!  Also, Dungeon Monitors are at every 1763 event and will look out for your safety.  Keep in mind that playing with someone whom you just met, in a private location, could result in a serious compromise to your health and safety.   

Nervous about attending 1763?

You may want to read this personal account of a first visit to 1763.

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