WTF is
Atlanta Dominion?

Thanks to the beautiful 1763 dungeon and the gaggle of experienced players we draw out, we can do almost anything you want at Dominion. Wanna practice your rope suspension? We’ve got two specially constructed frames for that. In the mood for some flogging? Grab someone who knows what they’re doing, pick a cross and play as long as you like.


I can’t count the number of guys I’ve seen mummified in plastic wrap and duct tape, or chained to a cross and tortured with a violet wand or electro box.


If you find that a little semi-privacy helps you get into the proper headspace, pick any one of the unoccupied side rooms and go to town. Hell, if all you’re in the mood to do is sit back and watch, I, along with most other guys there will be more than happy to drag you around on a leash.

We are also incredibly flexible with just about everything. The dress code says “naked to formal to fetish wear” and we mean it. I’ve seen guys spend the entire time bare-ass naked while others have shown up in their work clothes. Personally, I tend to stay mostly clothed, usually in a singlet if not a pair of absurdly short shorts. If someone’s unsure what to wear, I usually tell em to find something that gives them a boner and wear that. Just because it’s not necessarily someone else’s fetish doesn’t mean it can’t be hot.

I think a lot of guys hear “all-male play party” and jump immediately to picturing it being one giant orgy where subs are up for grabs by whoever wants them. That couldn’t be further from reality.


Dominion is not a Bound Gods shoot, it’s real people doing real play. Everyone’s limits are respected, regardless of their experience level. We place a strong emphasis on using safe words (Red and Yellow) as well.


Worried about pictures winding up online? Don’t sweat it: photography of any sort is strictly forbidden in the dungeon (except under certain, rare circumstances). Your membership application is strictly confidential and won’t be used in any capacity other than to put you on our email reminder list.

We host Dominion on Sunday afternoons in order to maximize the time-accessibility for as many people as possible. The 2-7pm block is, in our experience, dead, so we’re don’t have to compete with other events. On top of that, ending at 7pm leaves time for socializing afterwards, usually over pizza at a nearby restaurant. The $20 door fee goes towards paying for the 1763 rental and any leftover cash is put towards snacks and water.

It doesn’t matter if you’re new, experienced, in town for one night only, looking to tie, get tied or just walk around in something you enjoy wearing: Dominion is the best play party in the southeast. We’d love to have you.

For more information and to register for the play party, see the Atlanta Dominion website.


August 8, 2013

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