1763 is a consent-based organization and does not condone or tolerate abusive behavior or relationships.
Kink (including BDSM, fetish, consensual power exchange, and similar activities) are based on the ethical principle that what we do is done by informed agreement amongst all the participant, which means all the participants communicate what they agree to do and not to do, as well as the nature of what they agree to enter.

Characteristics of consent are:

Consent is choice

The people giving consent to engage in a kink scene or enter into a power exchange relationship must do so voluntarily, without being subjected to threats, fraud, coercion or deceit.


Consent is informed

Everyone involved must know enough so that the consent is given on an informed basis to the activities that are planned or to the power exchange relationship.

Consent is given by an adult with a sound mind

Kink takes place among consenting adults. A person must have sufficient mental capacity to give consent, and each person has a legal obligation to make sure that this is the case with all of their partners. In order to consent you must be in a clear-headed state of mind, not impaired by alcohol, prescription medication, and/or recreational drugs.

Consent is given within limits

Consent is not a blank check. Consent must be clear as to what activities and/or what type of power exchange relationship is being agreed to.

Consent is revocable

Anyone can revoke consent to anything at any time during the activity. If a pre-negotiated and agreed upon safe word or safe sign -- or any other pre-negotiated expression of a withdrawal of consent -- is ignored, consent has been violated.

Consent is communication

It is ethically and legally important in any scene that there should be a mutually understood means of communication between the participants, whether it is plain speech, safe word or safe sign.

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