Dress Code

For evening events, fetish, formal, leather, latex, vinyl, or business casual is acceptable dress. No strong perfume or cologne. No sweatshirts or sweat pants are acceptable unless fetish oriented.  Black and white, with leather shoes or boots, always works well in a dungeon setting.  Dress as if you are going out for a special evening! 

Complimentary lockers are available for those who wish to change on-premises or secure any valuables.  Please bring your own lock, or locks are available at the front counter with a $5 refundable deposit.

The management reserves the right to deny admission to anyone deemed improperly dressed.

You may want to read "Why Do We Have a Dress Code?" HERE 



1763 is a Private Membership club for those 21 years of age and older.  A current Membership is required to attend most events.

The use of cell phones, cameras or audio recording devices of any type are not permitted in the dungeon areas, Dining Room, and most other areas. Please do not even have these out (keep on silent or vibrate mode if you are expecting a call or text).  If you need to use a cell phone, please do so in the Front Lobby or on the Patio.

1763 takes discretion of its Guests very seriously.  Consequently, no photos, videos or audio recordings are permitted during public events.

No consumable alcohol or illegal drugs are permitted anywhere on the premises, inside or out. Smoking (including E-cigarettes) is not permitted inside the building; please use the outdoor Patio and Garden areas.

Water only is allowed in the dungeon areas.  Please keep food and soft drinks in the Dining Room, or you may fix a
plate and walk through the Main Dungeon to take this to the Front Lobby or Patio, or take a soda from the Lobby to the Dining Room. 

Please be mindful of others that may be waiting for your play space and clean the play space when you have finished.  Cleaning supplies are available throughout the dungeon areas.

Do not touch other people's toys or join a scene without permission.  Please keep a respectful distance from other people's scenes.

Dungeon Monitors (DMs) are identified with a bright red lapel badge.  If you have questions about equipment, a scene, or other concerns, please see one of the DMs or a member of the 1763 staff.  DMs are authorized to stop a scene if deemed unsafe or non-consensual and to ask those egregiously violating any 1763 rule to either leave a particular area or the 1763 premises.

Keep all non-scene related conversations and noise to a minimum in the dungeon areas. Please take your conversations to the Dining Room, Front Lobby or Patio.

On the "Web Prism", no body parts are permitted above the top beams.  No climbing with heels, or above the bottom two rungs.

Some activities, such as wax play, are restricted to certain areas.  Please see a Dungeon Monitor. 

No forms of breath play or scat are permitted.

No one is allowed to leave a play station if bleeding until minimal first aid is administered.

No kicking or stomping of the testicles is allowed.

Offering, soliciting or agreeing to an act of prostitution is strictly forbidden.

"What goes on at 1763 stays at 1763."
Ms Whip