1763 Recurring Events

With just a few exceptions throughout the year, this is what you can expect at 1763 each month:

"1763 EDUCATIONAL FORUM" occurs on the first Saturday of each month.  This night features either a discussion pertaining to the BDSM/Fetish lifestyle or a demo on an interesting subject.  Immediately following the 1763 Munch, the discussion or demo begins about 9 pm, with dungeon play beginning about 9:45 pm.

"THE 1763 MUNCH" is on the first Saturday of each month, preceding The 1763 Educational Forum.  Meet the 1763 staff and regular attendees in a low key, friendly, educational and no pressure environment. Free admission! Read all about the 1763 Munch HERE

 occurs on the second Saturday of each month.  There are no demos or presentations, but each night has a theme, such as "Mardi Gras", "Halloween" and "Candle Lit Decadence".  This night also plays host to the annual DomCon and Wicked Wonderland play parties. 

"ATLANTA BOUND" is a new 1763 event for those who have an interest in rope and bondage.  This is currently scheduled for about an hour, starting at 8 pm, before Decadence each month.  Read more about Atlanta Bound HERE

, on the third Saturday of each month, is the Atlanta area TNG (The Next Generation) group for those under 40 years of age.  Entry is restricted to those under 40 years of age most nights, unless coming as a guest of a Whippersnapper member. However, several times a year the over 40 age restriction is lifted.  An interesting demo or presentation is usually held each month.

"THE EDGE (of Night)"
is on the fourth Saturday of the majority of months throughout the year and is an event that presents demos of a more "edgy" nature.  Look for this night 8-10 times during the year.

"GEORGIA FEMME DOMMES" is a night for Domme Women and submissive men and women, and also features "Decadence" dungeon rules.  Look for this evening on the fourth Saturday of the months when "The Edge (of Night) is not scheduled.  Read the bios of the "Georgia Femme Domme" Hostesses HERE

ATLANTA DOMINION", which is the All-Male party at 1763, occurs every second month throughout the year. Enjoy the great dungeon atmosphere six times a year with this men-only party on a Sunday afternoon. Read more about Atlanta Dominion in this great blog post from "Tallglassofoj" HERE

is a low key and relaxed Saturday afternoon event for men who are into spanking.  The group meets on the second Saturday of each month.


1763 Upcoming Events

Read all the details HERE


 1763 offers a wide range of fetishy and kinky events!  For an overview of all events at 1763, be sure to check our official calendar for a full listing!

Interested in seeing what 1763 had scheduled in the past?
 Take a look at the Archive-Events page to view promotional flyers for past events.