Our Story

On March 1, 2003, 1763 Montreal Circle was a barren warehouse space. On March 2nd, its transformation began to make it America’s largest dungeon and the Southeast’s preeminent dungeon space. By June’s grand opening, a vision of a new dungeon environment had emerged, unlike any seen before. Since then, 1763’s membership has grown by leaps and bounds, and its carefully cultivated atmosphere has become an oft-copied model. 

Led by Mistress Whip and her management team, the previous standard of a dark, forbidding and intensely masculine atmosphere was transformed. Time, effort and considerable investment created a new dungeon paradigm -- a welcoming, professionally operated, safe, well-equipped environment for all levels of BDSM play, from beginning to experienced.

The focus was to create a home-dungeon atmosphere in a space large enough to offer the multiple play options not possible at home or in a smaller venue. The 10,000 square foot space hosts both public play and private events. Monthly themed events augment the open public play nights. 

From the very beginning, the cheerful greeting provided at the front desk prepared the visitor for an exercise in indulgence. Everything is taken care of -- all that is required is to arrive ready to play. A large, comfortably furnished anteroom with plentiful plants anchors the entrance to the dungeon. Inside, its large main space is lit with rheostat-controlled lights. All the side dungeons are painted in different colors to 
complement the room’s likely intended use.

A large reception room is furnished to serve food and non-alcoholic drinks, as well as to provide more conversation space. And most unusually, an exterior deck with tables and chairs flanks a small garden with a fire pit, water feature and benches and chairs. Quickly, 1763 became known as a world-class lifestyle destination, and its guests have traveled here from across the state, the nation and abroad. 


Over time, 1763 also has become known for its strong focus on safety and outreach/education into all things BDSM. The monthly educational forums engage the most skillful, knowledgeable instructors available, who interact with attendees one-on-one, and the biannual Stations celebration presents multiple experts demonstrating and educating on their particular BDSM skills. Safety and the answers to questions are also provided by the presence of experienced Dungeon Monitors, who come from all paths of life (e.g., medical and law enforcement) and who offer over 90 years of dungeon experience.

1763 is known as a consistently excellent experience: in its ownership, staff and DMs, door pricing and membership fees (unchanged since opening), and suite rentals, quality events, demonstrations, presenters, and educational programs. Some of the equipment will be familiar to frequenters of the old Sanctuary dungeon and the balance, original in design, is crafted to the highest standards. Everything is checked, adjusted and maintained monthly. 

From the friendly greeting at the door, to the awesome music, to the play space itself and the staff’s dedication to make your visit a good one, your visit to 1763 is sure to be memorable.

1763 provides consistent excellence in offering a BDSM play space that is safe, elegant, and discreet, for all levels of BDSM play, from beginner to experienced. Beyond that, 1763 continues to support the community in providing BDSM-related education by the most expert practitioners available. 

1763: Educating Atlanta since 2003

Ms Whip