(A blog about weekend events and other happenings at 1763)

The current 1763 Rewards Card program ends 12/31/2018

1) No new cards will be given out from 6/20/2018 onward

2) Existing cards will continue to be stamped for each visit through December 31, 2018

3) Completed cards must be redeemed by December 31, 2018.  No redemptions after that date.

Expect a new Rewards program to be announced later this year.

Trays for your toys and gear

We recently added new trays throughout the dungeon areas to hold your toys and gear!

The new seating area in the Dining Room

Strict Dave added to The 1763 Education Stations on August 4

1763 is pleased to announce that Strict Dave, doing “Impact Play and Spanking”, has been added as the 13th presenter for The Education Stations.

1763’s Newest Fan

1763 has thousands of fans from across the world.  Here is our newest, providing a cooling breeze for those on the patio these warm summer months.

1763 now accepts wireless payments

With the addition of the new credit card processing machine, 1763 now accepts the following in-person wireless payments:

Apple Pay

Google Pay

Samsung Pay

Our Frogs, June 2018

We love the frogs that have taken up residence in our Garden area.  They do a superb job of keeping many of the mosquitoes and other bugs at bay! 

Human Rights Campaign, June 2018

Whippersnappers, April 2018

Thank you to everyone who came out to Whippersnappers on April 21 as Andrew presented “Sensation Play: Knives, Skewers and Pointy Fun”.  There was an outstanding turnout for the demo. Andrew showed how using everything from fingernails, to banjo picks, to sharp and pointy knives can induce extreme sensations on another’s body; safely in the correct areas without drawing any blood. 

Here is the demo area just before the crowd arrived


Spring Fling, March 2018

It was indeed another great Spring Fling on March 24, 2018.  1763 welcomed 17 vendors and hundreds of guests for a day of kinky shopping, great food fun!  The Dining Room was a flurry of activity throughout the afternoon as many vendors demonstrated their products.  Winning a $20 cash prize sure helped many purchase a favorite item or two. 

It took a bit of effort and a few volunteers, but the play places were reset for the evening play party in time for the 8 pm opening.  A large crowd, no doubt spurred by the half price admission tickets available during the afternoon, thoroughly enjoyed themselves until 2 am.

“So many great items at Spring Fling and wonderful friends made this such a great event.”


Rope Bite @Nite, March 2018

Another great weekend on Saturday, March 10, 2018 at 1763!  Rope Bite @Nite started everything off with a very well attended demo from Joe Soap.  He and his demo partner shared quite a bit of useful information and had many down on the mats following along with them.  As usual after Rope Bite, the large Gray Dungeon had many practicing ties on the mats throughout the evening.

Let us not forget the delicious birthday cake that was brought in by the board members of the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom.  It was an honor that NCSF chose to celebrate their 21st birthday with 1763.

1763 Educational Forum, March 2018

So much was happening on March 3, 2018 at 1763!  The initial installment of the Spanking Club of Atlanta started off with a well attended afternoon of fun for both men and women.  Look for this event to be again scheduled in the very near future. 

It was a HUGE turn out for the 1763 Munch later that evening.  There were quite a few folks who were totally new to both 1763 and any public play space.  Of course, many attended the Munch because they were interested in the 1763 Educational Forum that followed.  Ms Ice Crystal and Choc from SASS presented a very informational presentation and discussion on “Mid Scene Switching”, explaining to all the new folks what “switching” actually means within the context of a play scene, followed by a few practical examples.  A splendid time was had by all.

Rope Bite @Nite and Decadence, February 2018

It was an evening on February 10 that had something for just about everyone.  Rope Bite @Nite kicked things off with a great demo from out-of-towner furi0usge0rge as he presented “Fundamental Frictions”.  Lots of hands on following during the presentation and lost of hands on practice in the Gray Dungeon after the demo.

The Dining Room tables were full of sweets and chocolates in celebration of Valentine’s Day and Mr. Luis cooked up dozens of home made beignets for a midnight snack in honor of Mardi Gras. The term “decadent” aptly described the evening’s Decadence Play Party.

1763 Education Stations, February 2018

Great thanks goes out to all 12  presenters at the February 3, 2018 edition of the 1763 Education Stations. They put in close to 5 hours of physical and mental hard work throughout the evening. 

Big hugs to Rick from Atlanta Dominion for filling in at the last minute for Master Dan.

Huge thanks to 1763 Staff Member Teri for planning and coordinating the event.

A round of applause for 1763 General Manager Jamie and the crew at the front counter for keeping the lines moving and getting everyone in ASAP to enjoy as much of The Stations as possible.

Huge hugs to the Food Volunteers for keeping the Munch table and Dining Room tables well stocked throughout the night.

Most of all, thanks to all who attended. After all, the hard work that everyone (1763 Staff, presenters and volunteers) did would have been for naught if it did not create a great experience for you!

One of the 12 Stations on February 3, 2018

Friday Night at 1763 … January 26, 2018

It had been quite some time since 1763 had been open on a Friday night.  However, Friday, January 26 proved to be well received and well attended.  The evening started off slow, no doubt do to Friday Atlanta traffic, but by 11 pm the dungeons were comfortably full.  Expect to see some occasional Friday nights throughout 2018.

An Early New Year Celebration, December, 2017

Santa and his elves had their party hats on during the last public event of 2017.  On December 30, 1763 celebrated the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018 with “An Early New Year Celebration”.  The first fire of the season was roaring in the fireplace outside on the garden.  Delicious black eyed peas, collard greens, brownies, banana pudding, and so much more helped satiate the appetites of many.  The happy winners of the drawings all have multiple reasons to schedule a return visit to 1763 in the near future.  Have a Great New Year!      

1763 Munch and Educational Forum, December 2017

It was a full house for the last 1763 Munch and Educational Forum of 2017.  Much thanks to Mr. Luis for presenting “Land Mines in the Lifestyle”, a very apropos topic for all the new folks in attendance.

WicKed WonderLand X, November 2017

There was so much to see and do at WicKed WonderLand X last Saturday.  During the day, the shopping was robust with the many vendors set up throughout the dungeon areas.  The $20 that lucky drawing winners received every half hour definitely aided with their shopping.  The hamburgers, the sweets, so delicious!  Informative demos from many of the vendors showed off some of their new merchandise.  The silent auction bids were plentiful, and a final tally of donations to the Fisher House will be announced soon.  

As for the evening WicKed Play Party? A huge crowd, but with some awesome energy throughout the building.  It was a perfect way to cap off a great day at WicKed WonderLand X.  

Veteran's Day and WicKed WonderLand X, November 11

WicKed WonderLand X is coming this November 11, which is also Veteran's Day.  As a big THANK YOU to all current and past U.S. military, 1763 is offering a special door fee that afternoon: 

Free for U.S. military veterans or currently active U.S. military.  Please bring proof of U.S. military service.

And for the evening play party, there is

Free door fee for U.S. military veterans or currently active U.S. military.  Please bring proof of U.S. military service. Current 1763 or Whippersnappers membership still required.

Please see the WicKed WonderLand X page for non-military pricing.

Guest Submission, November 2017

A very nice new review from a 1763 Munch Guest just posted on the Guest Submissions page!

Halloween at 1763, October 2017

The decorations were hung, the music was cued, the atmosphere was set.  The overhead lights in the Main Dungeon were changed to programmable LED bulbs, providing a reddish-orangeish hue.  It was indeed a macabre Saturday evening on October 28, 2017 for 1763’s “A DeViant Night of DecaDence”!

Much thanks goes out to the ladies who assisted with the pre-party decorating.  Nouveau once again presented a very informative discussion, “Removing the Dominant’s Mask”, which elicited quite a bit of feedback from those in attendance.  There were dozens of few new folks who made their way to 1763 after the Nouveau Munch.  Thank You!

There was also an abundance of great costumes, which no doubt presented the four judges with some serious decision making.  However, the winners were chosen and the prizes awarded at 11 pm:

First Prize: The Priest and Nun 

Second Prize: The Babydoll attired in yellow

Third Prize: The formal Dracula and his girl 

Fourth Prize: The lacy female French Maid

The Edge of Night "Sensual Chills of Hot Wax”, September 2017

Another great night on September 30 at The Edge of Night "Sensual Chills of Hot Wax”, presented by TenderDomAtl (aka TD).  First explaining the awareness of safety and logistical precautions one would need in preparation for a wax scene, TD then detailed the different types of wax that one may find in typical commercially purchased candles. A fun filled demo followed on a live subject, showing different methods of wax application, as well as a few fun ways to remove the hardened wax.  For several hours, TD remained set up at the Main Bondage table, providing many curious singles and couples with further hands-on instruction.

“An Evening of Heavy Leather”, September 2017

What a fun night on September 23 at “An Evening of Heavy Leather”!  The main bondage table was covered in an array of gear from Master Dan and RaginCajun, while an extra 6’ table had to be brought out to hold Wolf’s gear.  It was an assortment to see!

The discussion began with Master Dan giving a brief history of gay leather in the U.S. to the mixed gender crowd.  He then enthusiastically described various pieces of equipment; passing them to the crowd to get a hands-on feel.  All the while he emphasized the importance of well made, sturdy gear in regard to safety for all those involved in the scene. There were lots of questions from the crowd, as well as plenty of hilarious back-and-forth comments from many.  Later, Wolf and RaginCajun took the opportunity to use much of the gear during a hot scene in the Main Dungeon, utilizing various pieces of the bondage furniture. 

Georgia Femme Dommes, August 2017

The Georgia Femme Dommes event on August 26, 2017 was the third and final installment for the year.  And what a finale it was!  Thanks goes out to the presenters at the three well attended Stations; much knowledge and technique was shared with all.  Great scenes were taking place throughout the dungeon areas, and some very delicious food was donated for the Dining Room.  We are all looking forward to January 2018 and the next Georgia Femme Domme event!

“This was our first femdom event ever and thoroughly enjoyed it. We will be back! We want to thank everyone who planned, volunteered, taught, basically everyone who put on the event. We have nothing but good things to say!”

1763 Munch and Education Stations, August 2017

Twelve great presenters, dozens upon dozens of new-to-1763 folks, along with many returning Guests, made for another fantastic 1763 Education Stations event on August 5.  

The evening began with the 1763 Munch and much thanks goes to all those who brought in some tasty edibles to share. The 90 minutes of socialization gave many of the new folks an opportunity to calm their nervousness and meet some of the Stations presenters.

The Education Stations promptly began at 9 pm, and most of the presenters worked tirelessly until 2 am.  All the Stations were popular and busy, and just about everyone came away with some new knowledge and perspectives about their BDSM interests.

14 Years of 1763, July 2017

14 years. Time sure goes by fast.  14 Years of 1763 was celebrated on July 8 with a great demo by Rope Bite @Nite “The Fabulous Futo Fourteenth” and a fabulously delicious birthday cake in the Dining Room.  14 years of 1763 was summed up with a congratulatory speech from Ms Whip acknowledging all the long time staff members.  See you at number 15 (but hopefully sooner). 

1763 Munch, July 2017

What would the 4th of July weekend without hot dogs?  Well, the 1763 Munch on Saturday, July 1 featured Nathan’s Hot Dogs, with all the fixings, plenty of sweets and desserts, and delicious homemade gazpachos!  It was a great turnout for the holiday weekend, so much thanks goes out to all the new (and returning) folks who made it out.

The 1763 Educational Forum followed, as Mr. Luis presented an informative discussion on “Edge Play”. Of course, there were plenty of interesting questions asked, followed by a practical example of Edge Play, using Fire Play with two willing demo bottoms!

Memorial Day, 2017

The Gardenia in the Garden has bloomed,  May 2017

Fencing at 1763

We may have been closed the weekend of April 15, 2017 for the Easter Holiday, but that didn’t stop a few of the 1763 Staff from erecting new fencing in the Garden area. We’re getting the area prepped for some colorful spring and summer flowers! 

Where does some of the 1763 Staff relax on the Sunday after an event?

Three Guys went to Five Guys 

1763 Educational Forum “Exploring the D/s Relationship” with Nouveau, April 2017

“I hope everyone had as much fun as TallHourGlass and I did. I was really nervous about sharing such an intimate topic in a public setting. The things we discussed I had never shared in public before because they are so intimate for me. When we stopped at 10 pm I think the group could have gone on another couple of hours.

“I wanted to thank our volunteers. We had great bottoms. Part of the challenge with the D/s topic is that we were committed to incorporating individuals from the audience so that the reactions would be real and raw and unexpected. It worked much better than I expected.

“The Nouveau T-shirts are in. They come in all shapes and sizes.  Also our home page has a new look!"

Kandansky (Nouveau Board member)

Now available in Scream: The Store at 1763

Handcrafted engraved oak paddles, approximately 9” in length.

1763 Munch and Educational Forum, March 2017

What a great turnout for the Munch and the Educational Forum on March 4, 2017.  Loads of new folks, and a great discussion and demo on switching from SASS (Seasoned All-In Switches & Supporters, Atlanta & DC)

Nouveau at 1763, February 2017

The accent lamps were illuminated with “Nouveau Green” for the presentation of “The Art of Negotiating a Scene” on February 25, 2017.

“Saturday was awesome. 8 new kinksters at dinner, 30 new kinksters at 1763. Nouveau is off to a great year. Are you new to the community? Nouveau is a safe place to start.” Kandansky

Nouveau will be returning to 1763 during 2017, and to keep up with all the group has planned during the coming months, have a look at their new website

Rope Bite @Nite and “Your Decadent Valentine by Candle Light”, February 2017 

Amidst the dozens of flickering candles, Twisted Lily presented a great demo “You Only Need One (or Two)” at Rope Bite @Nite on Saturday, February 11.  The standing room only crowd were shown some easy ties suitable for beginners, with follow up practice in the softly lit Gray Dungeon.

After the demo, the overhead lighting was changed to low pastels, and some great play ensued at the “Your Decadent Valentine by Candle Light” Decadence Play Party.  With a Valentine’s theme, there was, of course, plenty of sweets and chocolates.  The side dungeons were lit with subtle, flickering candle light and the warm and sensual atmosphere brought out quite the passions for those in attendance! 

The 1763 Education Stations, February 2017

What a huge turnout for the 1763 Education Stations Stations on February 4, 2017.  Folks steadily began arriving during the 1763 Munch, and arrivals didn’t let up until well after midnight!  Great thanks goes to the 12 presenters who were on their feet nonstop throughout the evening, with about 6 still working their Station at closing time. A wonderful time seemed to be had by all.  

Ice and Snow

For one of the few times in the 13 year history of 1763, the events of January 7th and 8th 2017 had to canceled due to extreme weather conditions in the Atlanta area.  The 1763 Munch, the 1763 Educational Forum and the Atlanta Dominion events were all canceled. The road conditions were quite hazardous, as evidenced by this photo of the 1763 parking lot Saturday morning.  We wanted everyone to be safe, and warm! 

1763 Educational Forum, December 2016

“Another great night at 1763! Thanks to Fortunes-pixie for an excellent presentation on "Aftercare”. She obviously put a lot of thought and effort into her preparation. She covered every aspect of the subject for Tops and bottoms, in a way that everyone, new and experienced, could identify with.”  Sir James

New Fireplace for the Patio

Much thanks goes out to Ariana Wolfmare and TechTygr for the donation of the new fireplace for the 1763 Patio. 

WicKed WonderLand 2016 Recap

1763 is pleased to announce that

1) Proceeds of $737 from the Silent Auctions were donated to The Fisher House

2) The canned goods (donated in lieu of a discounted daytime admission) were donated to the Atlanta Hospital Hospitality House

Thanks goes out to everyone who helped to make WicKed WonderLand 2016 such a success! 

WicKed WonderLand, November 2016

The WicKed Cafe!

Halloween, October 2016

So many costumes; so many difficult choices.  The four judges certainly had a demanding task choosing the four winners of the costume contest, but persevered they did.  

First Prize: The trio of The Mad Hatter, Scarecrow, and Two Face

Second Prize: The Baby Doll (blue ruffled dress and bright red wig)

Third Prize: The male/female Pirate Couple

Fourth Prize: The Rubber Dolly (complete with the 44HH boobs)

Thanks to everyone who came in costume for the “Deviant Night of Decadence” on October 29.  Probably two thirds of the 1763 Guests that evening attended in some sort of costume. Wow! 

"Sacred Touch: Bringing Tantra to KinK", October 2016

Candles, soft music and rose petals all added to the sensual and informative class presented by Anandalila at the Edge of Night on October 22, 2016.

Whippersnappers Masquerade Ball, October 2016

With a 1950's theme, the Masquerade Ball was a huge success!  Great 50's themed costumes and great 50's music!

Family Residence

A family of three frogs has taken up residence in the 1763 pond for the Fall.

1763's Biggest Fan

Labor Day at 1763

Just about every Sunday is labor day at 1763 as we cleanup after the Saturday events and get ready for the following week.  We did take time this past Monday, Labor Day 2016, to spend time with family and friends!

The 1763 Education Stations, August 2016

It only comes around once every six months, and the large crowd certainly came around for the 1763 Education Stations in August 6, 2016.  “Spanking & Impact Play” and “Aftercare” were two new Stations for this iteration of The Stations, and both proved to be extremely popular. 

Much thanks to Strict Dave for volunteering to present “Spanking & Impact Play” with less than a day’s notice.  Many of the other Stations, including “Flogging”, “Erotic Knife Play”, “Electrical Play”, “Sensual Chills of Hot Wax” and “The Art and Joy of Canes” were also very popular, with most of these going until almost closing!  See everyone again in February, 2017.

“Great fun and great times!”

“Awesome event”

“..want to thank 1763 and it wonderful staff for making 1763 and stations possible”

“Thanks to all the presenters and stations. Awesome education night for all!! We will be back very soon.”

“Thank you to 1763 for another fun event!”

1763 Thirteenth Anniversary, July 2016

After the Rope Bite @Nite demo on July 9, Ms Whip gave a heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone, staff and guests alike, for thirteen wonderful years of 1763.  The tasty cake, adorned with lovely pink roses, didn’t last long in the Dining Room. 

1763 Munch, July 2016

Our “Master Chef”, 1763 Dungeon Monitor Sir Morgan, kept the hamburgers and hot dogs flying off the grill during the 1763 Munch on July 2nd!  “Grillin’ On The Patio” is a July Fourth Weekend tradition at 1763 and the large crowd in attendance certainly ate well.  

“Awesome Thanks” goes to the fine folks from InfinityCon who provided all the traditional sides, such as chips, salads, fruit, desserts, etc, making it a truly festive holiday celebration. 

Whippersnappers, May 2016

“Sensation Play” with Wolf at Whippersnappers was, shall we say, sensational!  With a myriad of implements, from knives, to wartenberg wheels, to clamps, to violent wands, to metallic claws, and so much more, the huge crowd was enraptured.  There was laughing due to impromptu reactions from Wolf’s demo bottom, many great questions from the crowd, and a wealth of intriguing ideas that Wolf shared with all.

Nouveau, April 2016

Thanks to the Atlanta-based Nouveau group for hosting another great night at 1763 on April 30, 2016!  “How To Not Really Screw Up Your First Year” drew a standing room-only crowd, and in addition, the discussion went about 15 minutes past the customary ending time due to the great interest and the great questions from the crowd.  Many poignant personal experiences, both good and not-so-good, were shared throughout the discussion.

Afterward, many retired to the “Cigar Social” on the Patio for several hours of fine cigars and fine conversation.  It was an exquisite night at 1763! 

April 2016

The rose bush has bloomed in the Garden area!

Easter Weekend, March 2016

The Easter Bunny made a surprise visit to 1763, bringing by some fresh flowers!

Several baskets of Easter eggs were left in the Dining Room, each containing a candy surprise!

And finally, Ms Whip surprised 1763 Staff Member Teri with an early birthday cake!

Singles Mix & Mingle, February 2016

What a turnout and what an awesome time was had on February 27th.

When Ms Whip was organizing this event, her concept was to have a nice, intimate gathering in the Whip Room.  With tables and chairs set out, along with some tasty snacks, the idea was to have a semi-private area for folks to converse and engage in the “Speed Dating” portion of the night.

Well, the turnout was overwhelming!  Can you imagine 44 participants in the Whip Room?  Along with all the tables and chairs?  Some folks arriving late had to be turned away because of space constraints.  The volume of the conversations during the “Speed Dating” portion was almost ear numbing!

However, the opinions from the participants afterward were overwhelmingly positive!  Many exchanged contact information and met some potential play partners.  Most participants definitely met quite a few people, making their future visits to 1763 even more warm and welcoming, what with some familiar faces to see again.  

Ms Whip and 1763 will definitely host another “Mix & Mingle” later this year, with some modifications to account for the large turnout.  Needless to say, Ms Whip was excited at the success of the evening!

UPDATE:  March 26, 2016 is the date for the next "Singles Mix & Mingle".


A Post Mardi Gras Celebration, February 2016

A great time was had by all at the 1763 “Post Mardi Gras Celebration" on February 13, 2016.  The Lobby, Main Dungeon and Dining Room were decorated in festive Mardi Gras colors.  Great food, such as Gumbo, Red Beans and Rice, French Bread and other delectables were on hand for all to enjoy.  Hot and sugary beignets were served at midnight and the Bead Contest winner was awarded a $25 gift certificate to Scream.  What a night!  “Laissez les bons temps rouler"


Georgia Femme Dommes, January 2016

It was a hot night on January 23, both inside and out!

Scream: The Store at 1763

Something new at the Georgia Femme Dommes on January 23, 2016: A Scream “Pop Up” store in the Lobby, with some exciting new items!

New Year Celebration, January 2016

A Happy 2016 to all.  Be sure to read several nice reviews of the evening on the Guest Book Page. 

1763 Munch, December 2015

In addition to some tasty food, the live poinsettias and sweet candy canes were on hand at the December Munch!

The 1763 Christmas Tree

Day and night, the soldiers are standing guard!

A WicKed Thank You for the best WonderLand Ever! November, 2015

To the Atlanta Dominion guys who helped move all the furniture, to the hard working WicKed Cafe staff, to those who manned the front counter, to all the volunteers who lent a hand during the day and evening, to the great 18 vendors (yup, we found space for all of you), to Electric Santa and his elves, to all who came by during the day to shop and see friends, to all who came by afterward for a GREAT WicKed Play was definitely the biggest and most fun WicKed WonderLand ever!

WicKed WonderLand Silent Auctions results

Ms Whip and 1763 are proud to announce that $624 was raised at the 2015 WicKed WonderLand Silent Auctions.  This entire amount will be donated to the Fisher House Foundation.

The Fisher House Foundation is best known for a network of comfort homes where military and veterans’ families can stay at no cost while a loved one is receiving treatment.

Thank You to all the vendors for your Silent Auction donation!

Thank You to all the winning bidders!

Halloween at 1763 “A DeViant Night of Decadence” October 31, 2015

"I just have to say that the costumes and people at 1763 last night were amazing!"

That comment just about sums up the night! Throughout the evening, past the fog and tombstones, past the flame of the tiki torch, so many unique and creative people in costumes made their way into 1763 for a “DeViant Night of Decadence”.

The Nouveau discussion started off the evening.  “Removing the Dominant’s Mask” gave the large crowd insights into what drives and motivates a dominant, as well as what to expect from a dominant and warning signs of a destructive dominant.

With so many costumes, it was a difficult time for the judges to select the list of winners of the costume contest. There were delicious edibles in the Dining Room, and much thanks to those who brought in the crock pot of meatballs, candy apples, and the obligatory candy corn!

Costume Contest Winners

The judges had a difficult time coming up with a consensus of winners, being that there were so many great costumes at "A DeViant Night of Decadence" on Saturday, October 31, 2015.  The winners were:

* First Prize ($150 Cash): Pan - The god of flocks and herds

* Second Prize ($50 Gift Certificate to Scream): Shared by the Mad Hatter & Dark Alice

* Third Prize ($25 Gift Certificate to Scream): The Scarecrow

* Fourth Prize (Free admission to a future 1763 event): Jack the Ripper

* Fifth Prize (Bundle of Rope.  Last minute prize addition courtesy of Kolker): The Broken Wind-up Doll

Atlanta Bound  September, 2015

The mats were out and ready for some serious floor rope work after the demo!


1763 Munch and Educational Forum, September 2015

It may have been Labor Day weekend, with the many end-of-summer picnics and vacations, but that sure didn’t stop a great crowd from attending the 1763 Munch and Educational Forum on September 5, 2015.  There were so many new-to-1763 folks in attendance, and also new to any dungeon!

The Main Bondage table was full of scrumptious food, including many items brought in by quite a few of the guests.  A big “Thank You” for your thoughtfulness! By the end of the Munch, it was standing room only; we only have so many tables and chairs. 

The 1763 Educational Forum followed, and Tenderdom presented a very informative discussion and demonstration on “The Sensual Chills of Hot Wax”.  There didn’t seem to be enough time to cover so many of the different aspects of wax play, and Tenderdom graciously continued his demonstrations throughout the night for the many that had a further interest in learning more about this fun, and sensual, activity.

An Update to our Restrooms

Several brand new “hands free” paper towel dispensers were recently added to the public restrooms. 

Take the Expressway to the 1763 Education Stations 

While we can't guarantee the road conditions of the Atlanta area interstates while on your way to The 1763 Education Stations, we can say that there will be plenty of front counter folks to help speed you into 1763.

It will help if you have your 1763 or Whippersnappers Membership card out and ready, even if expired (for ease of renewal). There will be a separate table for those that need to fill out a 1763 Membership application, or you can print out the form from the Membership Page of the 1763 web site and fill it out beforehand.

The "Easy Spank Express Lane" will also be open for those paying with cash and that have a current Membership.

Remember to take the I-1763 Expressway to the 1763 Education Stations!

The 1763 "12th Anniversary", July 2015

What a night as a fantastic crowd celebrated the 1763 “12th Anniversary” on July 11, 2015.  The evening saw a great mix of long time 1763 Members, recent 1763 Members, as well as folks new-to-1763 all come together to celebrate another milestone.

The Atlanta Bound Rope Contest provided a lot to see for those who arrived early, as well as providing the Contest winners some great cash prizes. 

Mistress Cathleen catered the Dining Room food, and from pulled pork sandwiches to tasty cakes and desserts, there was something for just about everyone with an appetite. 

Ms Whip and the 1763 Staff want to thank all those who have supported 1763 over the years, and we look forward to many more exciting times in the future! 

We also managed to sneak a photo of several "party animals", still celebrating the Anniversary the next day!

Thank You for the Gift!

Ms Whip and the 1763 Staff would like to give Big Thanks and Big Hugs to a frequent 1763 couple for this very kind and thoughtful 12th Anniversary Gift.  This big red pot contains gardenia cuttings, as well as a porcelain squirrel, standing guard!

Happy Independence Day!

1763 Munch and Educational Forum, June 2015

Much thanks goes out to the Nouveau group for hosting the 1763 Munch on June 6, 2015.  All the food that the group brought in was delicious, and big thanks also goes out to all those others who also contributed something for The Munch.  It was a big turnout once again, with so many folks new to 1763, as well as new to any dungeon!  Nouveau spoke a bit about some of their upcoming evenings at 1763, and some interesting events will be posted soon.

What a great turnout for MzJewcy’s presentation of “Pushing Boundaries”.  There were great questions during the discussion on how to push one’s self out of the comfort zone and explore new possibilities.  1763’s new wireless microphone system worked flawlessly, we might add!

“THANK YOU to everyone who attended Pushing Boundaries!” Mz Jewcy


SpankMe In Atlanta, May 2015

What a night at SpankMe In Atlanta!  After we averted a near disaster with our PA system, Strict Dave presented a great “Spanking 101” demo for the standing room only crowd.  Of course, later in the evening many did indeed prefer to stand after receiving a spanking, or two!  Strict Dave touched on safety, role playing, techniques, etc and afterward led an informal “spanking clinic” at the main bondage table for the curious who had more questions.

Ms Whip manned the RoboSpanker after the demo, giving many their first taste of a public spanking.  As she is wont to say “You’ll live!”

The "EasySpank Express Lane" helped make getting through the front counter faster and easier!  No, you didn't get a spanking for using (or not) the Express Lane, but you did save a few minutes!


Spring Fling, May 2015

What a great time at the second Spring Fling on Saturday May 9, 2015.  A wide variety of vendors, with all sorts of lifestyle items, filled the dungeon areas during the day.  1763’s “Master Chef” was busy on the patio grilling dozens of juicy hamburgers, while inside the numerous $20 raffle winners were thrilled that they had some help with their purchases.  Along with vendor demos of their products, there was something for just about everyone throughout the day! 

The evening portion of Spring Fling got underway with Atlanta Bound, as JoGeek presented “Bondage Improv”. 

“A great turnout for our class on improvising rope! We covered considerations for tying away from home, from hotel rooms to the woods, and then did a crowd-collaborative tie on our three fabulous volunteer bottoms. Afterwards we moved to the rope room for one-on-one lessons, practice, and demos.”

Ms Whip and the 1763 staff thanks everyone who helped make Spring Fling such success this year!

“Thanks to all for a great first time at 1763. Hoping to get back soon!”

“Agreed, it was a whole lot of fun!”

“Great energy in the club that night.”

“It was my first Spring fling! I had a great time and bought a few new items…” 

How Sweet It Is!

After an evening of activity, chocolate and other assorted sweets are often a great way to replenish your energy.

Much thanks goes out to a frequent 1763 Guest for the generous donations of candy bars and other delicious delights.  Yes, that is a 20 pound box of Snickers!  You are so sweet!

Whippersnappers, March 2015

Another amazing night was had by all at Whippersnappers on March 21, 2015.  Three presenters talked about different aspects of “BDSM 101”, including safety, consent and negotiations.  It was standing room only for the presentation, even though the 1763 staff did their best to help find everyone a place to sit!

Several of the 1763 floor mats were out again as a diverse group of rope enthusiasts were in attendance and “Scream: The Store at 1763” was busy most of the night with folks taking a look at the new 1763 Polo Shirts.

A few birthday cakes were in the Dining Room for everyone’s sugary enjoyment.  In fact, the honored person’s birthday was so huge that TWO cakes were needed to celebrate the occasion!  And the soon-to-be-legendary bread bowl with spinach and artichoke dip was again on hand.

1763 Munch and Educational Forum, March 2015

We have used “Awesome”, “Fantastic”, “Standing Room Only” and other descriptive terms for past 1763 events.  However, never were they more true than for the 1763 Munch and the 1763 Educational Forum on March 7, 2015.

Thanks goes out to everyone who brought in food for the Munch.  There was so much variety and everything was scrumptious.  During the announcements, Ms Whip called out the 10,000th 1763 Member, who received her brand new Membership this night.  Wow!  So many people these past 11 1/2 years of 1763, and if they all (or even most) showed up one night, that would give a whole new meaning to “Standing Room Only”!

Since there were so many new-to-1763 folks this evening, “Aspects of BDSM” was the perfect topic for the Educational Forum.  Presented by Lady Beth, Mr. Luis and Sir James, these three 1763 Staff Members condensed their normally 45 minute individual presentations into a one hour discussion.  Focusing on Predators, Land Mines in The Lifestyle, and Safety and Aftercare in The Lifestyle, they elicited numerous questions from the audience, as well as individual discussions throughout the evening.  

And the Play Party after the discussion was like “icing on the cake” this evening.  Of course, there was icing elsewhere than on the Birthday Cake celebrating a 1763 Member’s birthday.  But you had to be there!


Whippersnappers, February 2015

The mats were out, all the chairs were occupied, and a large crowd was ready and “fit to be tied”.  Despoena Calypso’s demo at Whippersnappers “Being Knotty: A Beginners Guide to Fun Ropey Times” was fantastic.  Focusing on the rope experiences from the perspective and safety of the bottom, she discussed the various ties that can be used and also the multitude of different ropes that one can use.

Afterward, the mats were moved to the Whip Room for more fun ropey times, while the remainder of the dungeon areas hosted all sorts of interesting play scenes.  As is customary at Whippersnappers events, there was plenty of socialization in the Dining Room and on the fire-warmed Patio! 

Atlanta Bound for A Mardi Gras Celebration, February 2015

This was a night with something for just about everyone!

Chiral (filling in for JD and Malak) presented a exciting demonstration on “Predicament Ties”.  He showed the crowd some interesting and unique ties, which had everyone laughing at times.  Afterward, the Whip Room (aka the “Rope Room”) was packed right up until 2 am for follow up rope work.

Some lively Cajun and Zydeco music greeted everyone early in the evening, the Main Dungeon and Dining Room were decorated in Mardi Gras colors, and all those who entered where bestowed with strands of Mardi Gras beads. The Bead Contest winner managed to amass over 45 strands by midnight!

Hot and sugary fresh fried beignets were also on hand at midnight, bringing such comments as “These are as good as my Grandmothers”.  How about that for an endorsement!   

"Laissez les bons temps rouler”…and they did!


1763 Munch and Education Stations, February 2015

What an amazing night on Saturday February 7, 2015 at the 1763 Munch and the 1763 Education Stations!

It was standing room only at the Munch.  A big Thank You goes out to all those who brought some delicious food to share, as well as to all the folks who came out to 1763 for the very first time.  Additional Thanks goes out to all who volunteered with the food preparations and kept the Dining Room tables, as well as the coffee pot, full throughout the evening.  

The Education Stations followed at 9 pm, and the positive energy in the building was off the charts!  So many tried all the various Stations, learning about and experiencing a variety of interesting forms of play.  The interest was so high that most of the Stations remained open until closing time at 2 am.  The presenters were worn out, but everyone left happy.  We look forward to the next Stations this August.  

“Thank you to every single person who came into 1763 this weekend!  The club was aglow with energy and excitement! I want to give a huge thank you to all who participated in organizing, presenting and working this event. Everyone worked so hard to make this happen and they did a great job!” 

Ms Whip

SpankMe In Atlanta, January 31, 2015

SpankMe In Atlanta, a night of spanking and paddling fun, turned out to be THE perfect place to be on Saturday, especially if you were one of the many new-to-1763 or new-to-the-BDSM-lifestyle folks in attendance.  

Peter and Hunter presented an informative demo on the safety and the techniques of bare handed over-the-knee spanking, additionally discussing the power exchange dynamics that occur between two willing partners.  They finished up the demo using several wood paddles, also discussing the aftercare that may be needed by some after a spanking scene.

The RoboSpanker was out, plugged in, and ready to go, but only a few took advantage of this automated spanking machine, preferring instead to create their own spanking scenes!  But it was a fun night for all.

1763 Munch and New Year Celebration, January 2015

What a fabulous evening at the 1763 Munch and New Year Celebration on January 3, 2015!

The Munch was extremely well attended, with a large portion of folks new-to-1763 in attendance.  Delicious food graced the tables, from vegetable and fruit trays to meatballs, “pigs in a blanket”, spinach and artichoke dip, heavenly desserts, birthday cakes, hot cinnamon apple cider, and so much more.  Grateful thanks goes out to all who contributed to the Munch.

There was a toast to the New Year with non-alcoholic sparkling grape juice, followed by the “Naughty Santa Gift Exchange”.  With over 40 participants, and many more observing, it was a fun filled hilarious 45 minutes as assorted kinky gifts were unwrapped, “stolen”, and perhaps reclaimed, if one was fortunate!

What a great night, with some very inventive dungeon play right up until 2 am, and a great night to start off the New Year at 1763.


What Does $581.50 Buy?

This year at Wicked Wonderland on November 8, 2014 we raised a fantastic $581.50 for Toys For Tots!


So what does that money really buy?

15 Knit Caps with Official NFL Falcons Logo

5 Official NFL Logo Falcons Long Sleeve Tees

8 Packs/ 3 pair each Adidas Crew Socks

4 Wilson NFL Footballs

4 Wilson Soccer Balls

2 Artist Drawing Kits

There is a huge need for boys gifts within the Toys For Tots and Thanks to all of your generosity some local boys will have a wonderful holiday!

Great Job 1763 members :)



The Edge (of Night), November 2014

Did you perhaps feel depraved on November 22nd?  Well, you certainly were not deprived of some excellent ideas as Jamie presented “Sensory Deprivation” at The Edge (of Night).  As the 1763 General Manager, Jamie stepped into the limelight of the Main Dungeon this evening, presenting a humorous and informative discussion.  With the assistance of a few contributors, some practical applications were demonstrated, giving many of those in attendance some very interesting ideas to explore.  It was a standing-room-only crowd once again!

As a bonus, we were surprised by this very thoughtful contribution of “leather clad” (well, actually dark chocolate clad) gingerbread men and women by a frequent 1763 guest.  These were delicious and went fast!


Mid-Week solitude at 1763


Halloween at 1763 - "A DeViant Night of Decadence"

What a great night!  The dungeons, the Dining Room and the outside grounds were deviously decorated in the spirit of a “DeViant Night of Decadence” on November 1, 2014.  The costumes were fantastic (congratulations to all the costume contest winners), so many of the dungeon play scenes were ghoulishly creative and the food was devilishly mouth watering.  It was a macabre night to remember for months to come! 

The 1763 Munch and Educational Forum, October 2014

What a great Munch on October 4.  There were quite a few folks new-to-1763 in attendance, as well as the "infamous" Banana Pudding, courtesy of a long time and frequent 1763 Guest.  Also, thanks to those who brought in some delicious cheese dip!  The "Dynamics of Play" discussion at the Forum, presented by Sir James and Lady Beth, drew a standing room only crowd.  Overall, it was a great and fun evening!

Gray Dungeon Chains

Here are 5 of the 6 drop down chains that are available in the Gray Dungeon.  These are suitable for floor bondage, suspension, and we can even hook up a sling to the chains!  The white rope that is barely visible with some of the chains is merely used to pull the chains up and out of the way, and the chains will straighten out with just a light bit of pressure.


11th Anniversary, July 2014

1763 celebrated its 11th Anniversary on July 12, 2014.  It has been a wonderful 11 years, with lots of hard work but also quite a bit of fun along the way.  We are looking forward to many more years!

Spring Fling "Silent Auction" Funds Recipient is Chosen

I'm thrilled to announce that the Spring Fling Silent Auction raised an amazing $297.00!

I'm extra thrilled to announce that 1763 has chosen Clay (aka Claudia) as the recipient of these funds!

Many of you know Clay/Claudia as the wonderful spouse of Lady Feline, who runs the store at 1763. Most of the time it is Claudia who will come to the club, bringing an upbeat and fun energy as well as offering to help where she can!  

What many do not know is that Clay is a US Marine Corps veteran.  After a tour in Iraq this veteran came home and wrecked his motorcycle. Unfortunately, it left him disabled with a paralyzed left arm. It's been eight years since the accident, it is now becoming clear how much combat PTSD is affecting him.

With the day-to-day stresses of family and having two small children it has become difficult and overwhelming to function.  Clay needs a service dog and one is coming!  A service dog helps monumentally with those who have PTSD as well as help with the physical disabilities.

These animals typically cost around $30,000, recipients are asked to raise a third of that cost to defray the costs so that this organization, Paws4vets, can continue to give these wonderful animals to veterans at no costs to them.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this effort, including the vendors who donated their time and products, to all of the 1763 volunteers, to all who participated in the auction!



Spring Fling, June 2014

The 15 vendors at Spring Fling did brisk business as the dungeon areas were filled with shoppers searching for all types of kinky wares.  Thick, juicy hamburgers and chargrilled hot dogs satiated many a lunchtime appetite, followed by scrumptious homemade desserts.  

The 1763 Munch drew the largest crowd ever, with more than three quarters of the crowd brand new to 1763!  Sir James and Lady Beth presented "From Headspace to Subspace" to a standing-room-only crowd (yes, we ran out of chairs) and Oystersandwich created an amazing "netherworld" with his unique neon black light reflective body painting.  It was a long day, but one which offered something for just about everyone! 

New Paint & New Rugs, May 2014

The Black Dungeon and the Gray Dungeon (as well as the Purple Suspension Room) received some new floor paint and rugs this past week.  


Mornings to relax at 1763

Enjoying the early morning sun beside the 1763 pond.  The cat is porcelain, the frog is real.  They get along so well together!

Georgia Femme Dommes, April 2014

The Georgia Femme Domme night in April was fantastic!  The huge crowd enjoyed the demos, the sweet treats in the dining room and the prizes. The Foot Worship station enticed many ladies to have their feet pampered; the massage tables in the Whip Room called out for many ladies to take advantage of a relaxing, professional massage. There were so many well dressed Dommes and submissives, which only lent to the great energy of the evening. 

  Foot Worship Station at Georgia Femme Dommes

1763 Munch and Educational Forum, April 2014

What a fantastic turn out for the 1763 Munch last weekend.  Great food, great company, and a great presentation on "Kinky and Codependent" by Inara de Luna.  There were many questions from those in attendance, and Inara will be returning to 1763 on Saturday, May 3 to present another informative topic.

"Piercing Pleasures: The Joys of Permanent and Temporary Piercing" at the 1763 Educational Forum was indeed a joy to watch.  Professional piercer Sig put everyone at easy with his humor as he shared his knowledge on a topic that interested quite a few.  A huge Thank You also goes out to his demo partner, who was on the receiving end a few needles!  

Cake!  Yes, there was cake this evening as 1763 Staff Member Teri celebrated another birthday!  

SpankMe in Atlanta, March 2014

"Spankings, Paddles and Canes…Oh My!" was the refrain heard at last Saturday's SpankMe in Atlanta event.  Peter started the night off with a very instructional demo on spanking and paddles.  He and his male demo bottom provided some very hot and intense male-on-male action, interspersed with very useful techniques on how to give, and receive, that proper spanking and paddling.

Lady Feline livened things up a bit with her fun filled, but also very instructional, demo on the joys of caning.  From the techniques of properly swinging your cane, to the types of canes available and the unique sensation each one imparts, the demo showed that caning can be quite fun for those involved!

And there was much more throughout the night to enjoy; from the Collaring Ceremony in the Whip Room, to the unique RoboSpanker, to the informal electric chair mini-station, to the various spanking scenes in the main dungeon.  Make plans for attending the next SpankMe in Atlanta night!

Mardi Gras Celebration, March 2014

"Beads, Beignets and Fun…Oh My" was the refrain heard at the 1763 post "Mardi Gras Celebration" on March 8th.  

The dungeon was decorated in Mardi Gras colors, cajun food (including fresh deep fried beignets) graced the dining room, and lucky winners in the costume and bead contests were each awarded $25 gift certificates to Scream: The Store at 1763.  

The cajun music helped set the mood for some lively dungeon play, including follow up rope fun with JD and other rope enthusiasts who attended "Atlanta Bound" earlier in the evening.

1763 Educational Forum, March 2014

What a nice turnout for the 1763 Munch last weekend.  Great food, great company, and a great welcome from Ms Whip!  There were so many new-to-1763 folks, but all are welcome, no matter how many times you have attended 1763 in the past. 

Lady Steele took question after question during her "BDSM, The Law, and YOU" discussion.  She addressed the inquisitiveness and concerns from many, and showed that sometimes the law can be a bit murky and convoluted when it comes to BDSM oriented activities.  

And finally, KineticPotential was busy throughout the night showing basic rope ties, literally providing some "hands on" practice.  Later, he demonstrated a few exquisite rope suspensions.  Everyone went home happy!

Leave a comment about this past weekend, or anything else that may be on your mind concerning 1763, at the Guest Book page on the 1763 Web Site. 

Suspension & Bondage Points at 1763

Due the deviously creative mind of Ms Whip and the superb craftsmanship of Sir James, 1763 has a wide range of suspension and tie points to satisfy just about any suspension and bondage enthusiast!  You can read all about them HERE, and pictured below are some of the hand crafted bars that can be used for suspension.


Whippersnappers, January 2014

What a terrific night at the Whippersnappers 10th Anniversary Celebration on January 18, 2014!  There were several Anniversary cakes on hand, presentations from current and former Whippersnappers board members, as well as a memory wrenching "Two Truths and a Lie" contest about past Whippersnappers events.  The dungeons were packed and some great scenes were to be seen: rope suspensions, spankings, liquid nitrogen play, electricity and much more.

Much thanks goes out to the Whippersnappers for hosting 10 years of great play parties at 1763, and here's to another 10 years! 

1763 Munch, December 2013

The third "1763 Munch" was terrific, with the biggest attendance yet!  Ms Whip's delicious holiday-themed food menu went fast (we'll be increasing it for future Munches) and she gave everyone a fact-filled personal tour of 1763.  The Atlanta Mentor's Program and Lady Beth provided two very informative discussions during the Educational Forum, and while some folks then took to playing in the main dungeon and three side dungeons, Miss Amy gave a fun filled and instructional demo on the joys of Caning in the Whip Room. 

WicKed WonderLand, November 2013

A fantastic time was had by all those who attended the 6th Annual WicKed WonderLand.  The dungeon was filled with shoppers browsing, and purchasing, loads of unique items from the twelve vendors on hand.  The WicKed Cafe satiated those with cravings for sweets, chili or hot dogs.  The WicKed Play Party that evening saw the dungeons filled with people, especially the "standing room" only crowd for the awesome fire play scene that occurred late in the evening. 

Almost 300 canned good items were donated and $800 raised to help "Scorpio Woman" with her physical therapy efforts.  Thanks to everyone, including vendors, staff, volunteers and 1763 Guests, who helped make this such a successful event.  


Mirrors Mirrors on the Walls…

Just how kinky are we all?  You can easily have a look with the new "window" treatments in the Purple Suspension Room and the Black Dungeon.  The windows have been transformed with mirrors that let you reflect onto yourself or your scenes.  With inspiration by Teri and perspiration by Sir James, the curtains are on hold backs and can easily close if you so choose.  

Whippersnappers, October 2013

Decorations, inventive costumes, Culinary and Costume contests…it was a fantastic night at the Whippersnappers "3rd Annual Masquerade Ball and Costume Contest".  Those in attendance also had an opportunity to capture their look with some professionally taken photographs.  And here are several photos of some of the decorations that were put up by the creative Whippersnappers Board Members, taken prior to the beginning of the evening.


The 1763 Munch

Ms Whip provided a delectable spread for our first 1763 Munch on October 5, 2013.  A "Thank You" goes out to those who brought in a few items for all to share.  It was a casual, laid back atmosphere which gave everyone a chance to see the dungeon, meet Ms Whip, the 1763 staff and others.  Look for the 1763 Munch the first Saturday of each month, from 6 pm until 7:45 pm,  just before the Educational Forum.  The Munch is free for those 19 years of age and older.

New Addition to 1763

Thanks goes out to a dear friend of all of us at 1763 for this "sweet" donation of a table and two chairs.  These are not reproductions, but an authentic and lovingly restored antique set from an ice cream parlor.  Anyone craving a Nutty Buddy?

Planning for Another 10 Years!

1763 recently celebrated its 10th Anniversary this past July and all of us are looking forward to another 10 years in Atlanta.  In addition to the just announced brand new 1763 Munch on the Educational Forum nights, we have a lot more planned for the next few months!

Sir James recently reupholstered several pieces of the 1763 play equipment: The Half Wheel, Spanking Horse and Spanking Benches.  Let us know what you think over at the new Guest Book page!



"Uniform Night" at Decadence September 14, 2013

It was a great night at Decadence!  There was a waitress on hand to attend to the snacks and coffee in the Dining Room and the first prize winner in the Uniform Contest took home a pair of matched floggers!


The 1763 Educational Forum

The 1763 Educational Forum on September 7, 2013 was the place to be.  In fact, by the time the "BDSM 101" (from the Atlanta Mentors Program) and "Protocols" discussions finished, it was standing room only in the main dungeon.  There was tremendous response to the Spanking demo, and later in the evening all were amazed by some very creative rope and shrink wrap suspensions in the main dungeon!  

Decadence "Beach Party" 

The "Shark" made a surprise appearance at the 1763 Decadence "Beach Party" on August 10, 2013.  He was captured on video the next day, still swimming throughout the dungeon!  As ominous as he looked, he was indeed a "Teddy Bear" and everyone enjoyed his presence.

The 1763 "10th Anniversary Celebration"

1763 celebrated its 10th Anniversary on July 13, 2013.  It was a fantastic night, with a great mix of new-to-1763 folks and those who have attended over the years.  All of us at 1763 are proud of having been in Atlanta for ten years!


Bravo Music Video Filmed at 1763!

The cable channel Bravo spent a day filming at 1763 for one of the episodes of "The Kandi Factory".  Enjoy!

                        Behind The Scenes of "Gotta Go"

                         "Gotta Go" Music Vide0

New Hardware on the Patio

Be careful getting tied down in conversations on the patio.  It could happen to you…literally!  A few hitching rings have been added for your convenience.

"Disco" Decadence, June 2013

The glittering disco ball hung high in the main dungeon as everyone had a "retro evening" for Decadence!


1763 Educational Forum, June 2013

What a great turnout for the two discussion topics this night.  The "Caning" demo attracted a HUGE crowd interested in all aspects of caning, from mild to severe.  As a bonus, each participant received a complimentary cane with which to practice and take home!


Whippersnappers, May 2013

What a great "Duct Tape" demo at Whippersnappers.  Fun, very interactive, with some ingenious and attractive ideas presented to the large crowd in attendance. What we want to know, however, is who played the practical joke in one of the restroom stalls?  OUCH!


"Spring In The South", April 27th and 28th, 2013

The formal dinner about to begin on Saturday night after a day of classes.


"Spring Break" Decadence

"Spring Break" at Decadence on Saturday, March 9, 2013 provided the crowd with a great opportunity to start off the summer months.  A few post-party comments: 

"Had a great time and felt VERY welcomed by everyone. Thank you!"

"A lovely night; spring is in the air…"

"It was a fun night! Thanks so much!"

"We really had a wonderful time, met some nice (and HOT) people, saw some pretty amazing scenes…"

It’s Time For Reflection...

Managing 1763 has given me the venue to meet so many amazing people and make new lifelong friends. To our regular members who are here week after week, to the folks who help out, step-up and pitch-in when needed, to our fearless new members for opening our front door for the first time, and finally, to our exceptional presenters and hosts for sharing your knowledge and experience with eager audiences…in the words of MsWhip, You Rock!!!

Congratulations to our monthly groups; the Educational Forum, Decadence and Whippersnappers for some of the most awe inspiring nights I‘ve ever seen. Merci beaucoup!

I’d be remiss if I failed to mention the most phenomenal group of people I’ve had the pleasure of working with: Scream's Lady Feline and our 1763 Dungeon Monitors (Sir James, Lady Beth, Sir Morgan, Mr. Luis, Wolf, and Newgacpl), my sincerest gratitude for keeping our facility safe for everyone to enjoy. And to Teri, thank you for all that you do and the support you’ve given me this year. I’m proud to call you my friend.

Now we look forward. 2013 will mark our 10th year in business and we‘re planning a not-to-be-missed blowout milestone anniversary party!

See you throughout 2013,
General Manager, 1763

1763 Educational Forum, December 2012

Tables and chairs were set up and ready for the crowd that was expected for the Educational Forum on December 1, 2012.  And indeed it was a large crowd that came by for the discussion on "Protocols" by Mr. Luis and the Flogging demo by Sir James.  More chairs had to be brought out and it was standing room only!  The surprise birthday cake was delicious and it was a fun night!

1763 Christmas Tree

Yes, that is the 1763 Christmas Tree shining through our Holiday Logo.  To see the Tree in its full glory, you'll have to come by soon!

Atlanta Dominion Play Party, November 2012

Well, you can say that a few guys literally rode in to 1763 for the all-male Atlanta Dominion Play Party on November 11, 2012.  There was some very interesting action going on, but discretion prevents me from revealing the details.  So...use your imagination!

“Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?”

Being from the Crescent City I have first hand knowledge, it‘s not; Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street, Hurricane drinks, or the Vieux Carré. For me, I miss the food; gumbo, crawfish étouffée, po' boy, jambalaya, and beignets.

If you missed last night’s Decadence Post Mardi Gras party then you missed the flavor of the city. I never write about events, I leave that to those who write more eloquently then myself, but standing ovations to Mags and the BUM Group and everyone who decorated, brought dishes to share and those who came “masked“.

I loved the special carnival, zydeco and blues music provided and I hope everyone had an opportunity to sample both jambalaya dishes as, they were excellent. The King Cake (with baby) was a huge surprise! But Mr. Luis stole the show with his beignets and turning 1763 into our very own Café Du Monde. Outstanding, simply outstanding!

Again, thanks to everyone for your hard work, time and the effort that went into making this year’s Post Mardi Gras party a success. (You know who you are!) “Do You Know What It Means To Miss New Orleans?” If you were at 1763 last night you can answer that question.

Jamie, 1763 General Manager
February, 2012

The Atom Blonde Video

Several months ago the rock group The Atom Blonde, from Augusta GA, spent an afternoon at 1763 filming a large portion of their first official music video!  Take a look at "Calling You Out" on YouTube and see if you can notice your favorite piece of dungeon equipment!

Ms Whip

January, 2012